Summative Assessment

Personal statement.

An issue I have had with my work alsmost all of my artistic career has been “What shall I draw (make)” and this is something I have been troubled with most of my academic life as an artist. I have struggled to make artwork that match on set style, and that is what I strive to make, work that is one set style. My aim is to create small instinct based artoworks in the form of , small artist books to tackle this problem, these artist books have began a series of chain reaction artwork inspired by them. Inspired by one of the initial Ideas Lab Workshops, these small artist books have been influencing larger works and have been building up to create an encyclopaedia of my quick reaction based works. A goal for the end of this year will be to have a professionally created book handmade and filled with pages inspired by these small books all as a initial response to the Roni Horn, Pink tons, 2009

A link to a post with your 500 word evaluation of your Field Experience


1. A post that evidences the material and conceptual exploration and thinking that initiated and led to the development of your own original artwork(s).

2. A post that documents some of the key aspects of the Site Venue project that you participated in.

3. A post that documents some of the technical skills you have learnt and developed over the course of this year with regards to to the production of your artworks..

4. A key post of your own choosing that illuminates your studio practice. – Encaustic Workshop

5. A key post of your own choosing that illuminates your studio practice. – Final Piece development


1. A post that demonstrates the most influential concepts you have gained from the Key Concept lecture series with a brief, but specific, description of how this has influenced your practice.

2. A post that demonstrates a key contextual contemporary reference you found through your continued research with your studio practice.

3. A post that indicates your contextual research and thinking about how artists display and disseminate their work with regards to your final work presented for site venue project or your final exhibition.

4. A contextual post of your own choosing. –  Bay artist artist talks

5. A contextual post of your own choosing. – Tom Martin Artist Talks


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