Artist Talks – Tom Martin “Kinetic Reef” (Notes)


o Influences on toms work// museology and the systems of filing// sir John Sloan’s Museum, London (most influential).// the placement of the objects is important //
o Marcel Duchamp, La Boite-en-valise, 1935-41

o Fluxkit, 1969// fun toy like games in a case, quite cheap in cost originally

o **LOOK AT THIS FOR SUBJECT PROJECT**. Herbert Distel, the museum of drawers, 1977 // everyone and Antoine who could put some work in the cube and this holds many other artists.    *This is something that I may potentially use as part of my influences for the upcoming Subject project as I am interested in how a few of the artists used the small space to create mini-gallery spaces*

o Victor Vasarely, Planetary Folklore Participation’s No.1, 1969
o David Bachelor, Reef, 2016 // the size and scale is important

o Carlos Cruz-dies, Physichromie No.113, 1963 *** quite a correlation between this and toms work  There is an interesting visual connection between this and Toms work, i appreciate how he has taken the existing work and developed this and allowed it to enhance his practice, this is a skill i would love top develop myself for my practice.
o Ai Weiwei, Sunflower seeds,2010 — similar to the last year final degree show of the small pieces
o Marina Abramovic, Imponderabilia, at the Louisiana Museum of Art, Denmark, 2017
o Red link, alterations made by participants during an exhibition at Howard Gardens Gallery — by tom // interactive
o Sphere Kit, 2013 — tom
o Wunderkammer, 2013 — the tall cabinet inspired by Herbert Distel *Also include this in the research for subject*
o Cube 1, 2014 — tom // cube 4, 2017



Although this work is not something that I have looked at a lot for my final piece of subject work I am really excited about how learning from Tom has influenced my work, alongside his work, his methodology has really helped me visualise and create more ideas. I enjoy how Toms Masters work was a neatly made box, cothered in book cloth with prints inside, if anything this is the single piece that has inspired me the most.

Tom as a person has also encouraged me to develop my practice, Tom is possibly the first artist I have met who is 100% passionate about his own workings and is openly influencing others, one of my favourite lessons from Tom is that if there is an artist you are inspired by, make work that looks like there’s, learn the skill then use it in your own practice



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