Module ADZ6333 Consolidation

3 Documentation

The documentation section covers works made during the year, leading to but not including the work made for the Degree exhibition of module ADZ6888: Exposure

Board Paintings – Development in the ideas of mixed media, developing new work for future exhibition and reasoning for moving away from painting.

Development in prints – Experimentation in the realm of working over a print, esentially experimentation that lead to the mixed media working of prints and collaged elements from selected locations. For example, including a leaflet from Madrid on a Madrid inspired print.

Location Sketches – The first step in deciding what to make for the work featured in the degree show.

3 Contextualisation Posts

The contextualisation section covers artists research, gallery visits, etc… leading to but not including the contextualisation of your exhibition for module ADZ6888: Exposure.

Albert Irvin – Inspiration for colour and abstract landscapes

Dieter Roth – Inspiration for archival and organisation

Foster Spragge – Inspiration for travel journal and situated drawings


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