Final piece development

For my final piece I decided to make an a4 book, part of my reasoning is that whenever I buy a new sketch book, or even make one, I am far to conscious about the marks I make inside the book, I get worried about going wrong and then ruining the book. This is something that has been a problem for me for a long time, so as a way of coping I decided that I would make my own book.

The way I have made my work so that I have bought a few a4 pads,of pre-cut and measured paper, this is from effortlessness in context of my project, the frequency of pages needed means that buying ready cut paper makes more sense.

I also have drawn plans and made workings in miniature scale versions, the first time I have had a plan or machete, which is a reasonable development.

This shows the binding that I did once all the pages were made, fortunately this could be the neatest job that I have done, the only issue i realised when making this was that I was very concerned about getting to this stage and then realising that it was going to ruin it, if I had,of torn a page this part of my project was very near the end of the year and would not have left me time to fix it.

This set of photos shows that I have done some measurements and created some plans before finishing it

This shows the final stage in the cover making and the bookbinding process, this was the happiest stage as this makes the moment that the book was full, something that you don’t normally start with.


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