Small Book and Signature development

This is to show the development between small, instinct based artist books and how they are made, and how I have developed my own artworks into lareger scale works in preperation for the final piece, a large artist book. Each piece has very clear links to the originals and are clearly developed to be presented as a book

However to get to this point it took a long while, and included making a miniature version of each a4 page in an a6 size to get an idea of what the book would look like, it also took a fair few pages of sketching very rough plans, labelled with what medium to use and what dear it wears made.

These pages loose the glamour however are possibly the biggest turning point in. Y artistic career, this is because until now I had never used a plan, or really created useful machetes

Fortunatley this has lead to me making a few great pages for my artist book, and final piece


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