Site Venue Artist Research

Inspiration from small scale artist – focus on different ways of presentation

For site venue I have been looking into the smaller scale artists. After our lesson on the minature exhibitions I have been looking into the works created by other artists who specialise in smaller forms. Some of these artists work in the very small scale and others look at less microscopic forms.

Willard Wigan:

I enjoy how this artist looks at making artwork in the really small spaces. The reasoning behind why the artist, Wigan, has made his work is because it is a coping mechanism, he uses the artwork which is not visable to the naked eye, this is because he believed that if it could not be seen it could not be criticised. Also as a way to control his conditions such as dyslexia and mild autism.

The reason I wanted to be an artist was to work as a therapist was so that I could support people, for example my younger brother was diagnosed with ADHD and I really wanted to help him, and others like him.


Joe Fig

“A New Yoel based painter and sculptor, has been documenting the studios of fellow artists for years, but he does one better that simple snapshots. Instead, Fig reproduces the spaces in the round”

Fig makes the sculptures as a study of an artistic process, this is a great method of making work and has been told to me for ages, as a good way of understanding the way artists make work.

He has also made a book called “inside the painter’s studio” This book follows a variety of documents by artists, and also shows links to the lectures we have made within the year, as it has been the topic of our years lectures, The Key Concept Lectures.



The photographer under the name of Slinkachu has been making photography with the use of little figures that come with the railway sets. Then with the aids of other objects he used them to enhance the photograph opportunity.

I enjoy this work as I wouldn’t normally be interested in photography, however with the props the photos come together really well. I love the way that these are framed and remind me of the love I had for photography when I began my artistic career in school. This makes me want to pick up the camera to start capturing moments again.


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