Bay Art – Artist Talk



  • Andrew Cranston:

Focus’ on life in the studio, works in quite a grubby studio, often with a sticky floor (exhibition is about the studio within practice), buys a book a day on the way to the studio, often the books become part of the works

Andrew Cranston, Gastetellier, 2017 (20 on gallery map)


  • Iwan Lewis:

Works with an idea of art history and is by first choice a painter.


  • Matthew Burrows:

Works in a clean studio, white walls like a gallery space. Reflects in his style of painting and he washes off the paint.   Currently is spending quite a bit of time running and runs marathons, sometimes multiple in one day, his works are based on the way the body moves intuitively// this is also the way that he creates paintings and the body works in this same way with painting.

Mathew Burrows, Tunnel or Cave, 2016


  • Laura Davies:

Woodchip, inspired by where she was in the studio, this was the toilet at this point in time, however reflects the fact that most people used woodchip wallpaper in their houses.

Laura Davies, Woodchip, 2017

This piece and a few others from this artist has inspired me, this is because I relate to the woodchip form my home life and also appreciate how the pieces look, I feel like these artworks are a similar concept to the works I have been creating. This is because I would create a small canvas piece inspired by my collected objects and could create a canvas piece of artwork as a response to certain works from the books I am creating.


  • Anna Freeman Bentley:

All paintings are either completed in one sitting or there is a clear space in the painting where they have been completed on different days. All of the photos that are converted into paintings are from Gentleman’s clubs, they are often from times she has snuck in and has taken the photos secretly. All of the images are sketched possibly 20 times before the final edit and are painted in watercolour and refined till they are eventually converted into a canvas painting.

I enjoy the way that the artist has created these pieces in one sitting this is an idea I would like to experiment with as I could create artworks on the days that my collected objects are found, possible similar to how On Kawara creates the dates paintings on the dates of the paintings.


  • Laura Davies:

Folded ‘children’s’ paper toy. Work created in Berlin from a trip. Also created the Ceiling rose pieces, these were viewed through a net curtain. The problem that arose is do you paint them then add the net curtain after, do you paint all you can see through the distortion. Series, however the series has a similar impact with only two pieces out as opposed to having all the pieces in display.



Paintings 19-21

The three paintings are playing off each other with ‘transparency’ and ‘looking through something’. This proves that you dint need to have one artist on its own in their own room and as a curator you can put together any show that you feel is necessary, or that works.


  • Dan Howard-Birt:

Paints from an arrangement from the floor in his studio, organizes the layout in the floor in the shape of the canvas, however this is then painted onto the canvas on the wall, this gives them a collage and a raw view.


Painting 3:

Talks about as if it was a sculpture these paintings are designed to be the first thing that you see when you walk into the gallery, this is supposed to be a jarring experience and an unusual experience as opposed to a normal gallery.



  • Lara Davies:

Philip Guston book, mark making influenced from the book.


Painting 13:

Inspired by the night vision goggles in the movie Jurassic Park.

All the paintings in this room were influenced by other artists// 2 artists that reflect on the art history (paintings 6,7 10)




Althogh the works in this exhibition don’t directly relate to the works I have been making this year I was very glad I went as it was so that I could gain Curatorial skills, and also begin the thinking process to my artistic career after university. I have spent the year trying to work out what I am going to do for my future, what type of an artist I am going to be and what sport of thing I am going to specialise in. I am aware that everything I make doesn’t have to be the same, however I have been longing for more of a pattern in my work. After going to this exhibition I was really glad to see so many local artists in one place. I have now been focusing on making artworks that are suitable to be displayed in this type of an environment and not the type of art you make at school. This broadening of my ideas has really allowed me to progress in my development of ideas and my final piece is now a more professional finished look that the previous year


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