Artist Research

A post that indicates your contextual research and thinking about how artists display and disseminate their work with regards to your final work presented for site venue project or your final exhibition.

After feedback from my previous assessment I needed to display the artists of which I looked at for inspiration

Dieter Roth

After learning about how Roth creates adaptions onto books top make artist books and also has a massive archival system he seems ideal to look into.


The idea of using a diary is very similar to the way I have been making books as a reaction to a daily stone, in a sense they both become diary’s, given different context. Roths books feature in the library artist book collection and was a privalage to be able to see first hand in the library.  Although our art differes in the sense that his books are found items sometimes and mine are all made, it still seems although my work is linked as my books are inspired by found items.


On Kawara

On Kawara seems to be an inspiration to me as well as he made paintings to record each day, I enjoy how if he couldn’t finish the painting he would never exhibit the painting as this seems novel to me.


An inspiration of similarities that I have made is that in a similar way when I make my books I do not include any weekends, this is because that is the time I give myself to make the books, i feel that I’ve made this choice so I can make as many books as possible, and in a way have a similar tie to Kawara.

Marcel Duchamp

In previous project I have looked at the books and boxes that Duchamp has made, this is an interesting way of archiving and keeping all the artefacts in a similar place, I quite enjoy this idea as I would be able to make a small box or package that has a hardback book, some of the small more whimsical artist books and some stones form the collection.


Marcel Duchamp, Box in a Valise (From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy)1935-41
Finally, Jasper Johns
When I visited the Johns exhibition in the Royal Academy, there was a small part of the exhibition near the end that featured a book, made by himself and a fellow artist. This, as it was a while ago, was most likely the start point where I realised that as an artist I was able to make a book and it be classed as a major artwork.






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