Field Evaluation

Duting field I chose to do two very appropriate pathways, these were; things behind the sun and relational colour. The two pathways were very useful to my practice through the year, for example, things behind the sun was about getting close to the landscape and creating a landscape that was less literal. This was enjoyable as at this point in time I was still creating my experimentation in my subject works and they were very closely linked to nature. Then in the second of the two field projects I learned about relational colour, which allowed me to look into the development of my work and again helped me to produce better subject and field work. The field projects were so perfectly linked into my practice that they even enhanced my dissertation proposal and allowed me to grow my skill set. In the first of the two field projects we were taken on a series of day trips and were able to mingle with everyone on the other, because of how intimate this experience is the small group of use were really able to mix well. However on the second field project we were split into two groups, those who wanted to learn to screen print and those who wanted to participate in a material dying workshop. As it was a workshop we had not been exposed to the fine art part of our group went to that, this meant that the two people I was paired with were more involved together and meant that I essentially was a third wheel. Since being in field this year I can safely say that my practice has benefited, my subject work has been enhanced and the smal works I have created are a lot more successful now and also I have created a more ‘signature style’ this has enabled me to become more confident in my artwork. I feel that from my own point of view I have been more successful in the first of the two fields but this is because of how close it was to my already made practice, even though we chose the field groups significantly before I decided what to do in my practice. Field has allowed me to be more adapted to make more skilled works, for example the encaustic workshop really allowed me to make more experimental work and was a look that i was really excited about making, like using oil for layer but taking less time, this was a skill that I have looked into keeping and buying materials to keep this practice ongoing. Also the material workshop was a skill that I found very useful, there were a lot of elements in the workshop that I didn’t even realise were possible for us to do here, so it was very useful to see the range of what we had available. Overall field this year has given me such a more positive attitude than during first year, and has reopened my eyes to taking workshops to develop new skills.


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