Enter Third Year

Over the summer the main focus of mine has been to concentrate on making my dissertation as best as possible, and in this situation the art work I have made has slipped, we were given the task of taking a photo on for our summer project, the photo I have chosen is of an experience from over the summer.

This photo is of my experience at the Great Dorset Steam Fair and is a photo that has captured one of my favourite elements of the fair, the time when it changed from daylight to dusk and all the steam engines powered up their lights, this along with the lights from all the fairground rides, and the lights from the main stage created a brightly illuminated setting for the engines to shine, the whole experience made me want to paint what I could see, however all I had to use was my phone, and so have captured the photo and worked on it since.


As a response to this photograph I have created a small abstract paining on canvas board, this painting is not a final, and is something that I want to explore in many ways.



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