Encaustic Workshop

For part of my project in field I have been learning about encaustic, a medium I first learnt about when I visited the Jasper Johns exhibition in the Royal Academy. (See previous post)

for the induction this is what i have made;


The first painting of the the two is after I sanded the wooden emulsion covered board down and then put a base coat of watered gouache paint, the colour I have chosen are influenced by my work in field, this is the project influenced by Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009 . I decided to use this as it was something my art space had been influenced by.

The second is the one that shows what it looks like when it it has been finished, however I may work to add more to this piece over time.

This is what I had made by the end of my induction, after enjoying the freedom and speed of the process compared to other mediums I decided to develop the work created in the workshop.


The second time I went to The wax station I took a print with me and decided to mount it into a board to make sure that the wax stayed mounted. To do this I had to trim my print to the same size as my board after glueing it down with a roller.


This shows how the encaustic has enhanced my printmaking skills and has helped broaden my practice, this shows how field is beninficial within the year.



This workshop is one of the workshops that I really enjoyed, I am so happy about how fun the skill was top pick up. This lesson was really useful for me as well as it really kickstarted my way of thinking, this was the first time I had done any work over existing work, for example I mounted the print onto a board, then I used the wax over the top, at first i was really anxious about ‘ruining’ the print but by the end I was very excited about doing it to all my work


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