Field Trip: Neath Valley and Port Talbot

Thursday 16th November we went on a trip to Neath valley and Port Talbot, The two places were chosen to specifically play off eachother, this was to see the ‘natural beauty’ of the valley and the ‘manmade beauty’ of the industrial horizon.

When in the valley an element that struck out to me was the ripples in the water that were created when the rocks stuck out, the pattern that this created was something that I felt would be quite interesting so I have taken some photos of what it looked  like for reference.

Then in Port Talbot I also captured a few photographs that I thought were interesting. I did enjoy the horizon with the industrial horizon, I felt that seeing this at the end of the beach was quite interesting, and also enjoyed the patterns on the sand caused by the wind.

I did manage to capture some of the patterns I noticed in my drawing machine, however I have not been able to view them yet as the machine is still being used and means all my drawings are covered up.



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