Field Meeting with Jon Clarckson

+Ashley Jackson, Framing the Landscape, 2014

-“most people look but only a few see”

-composed/ frames around landscapes

+How do you turn nature into a work of art?

-what is the most significant in seeing and experience?

+Lake Albany, beautiful lake

+George Lambert, Lake Albano, c.1760

+Richard Wilson, Lake Albano, c.1762

– same viewpoint – view of Rome // Lake is given status via Rome

Castle Gandalfo on the left (Rome is behind)

+Camille Carrot, Lake Albano and castle gandalfo 1826-7

Frames within landscape


+mount blanc

+Phillipe Jacques de Loutherbourg, an avalanche in the alps, 1803

-demonstrates how close they are to death

– shows many different people and viewpoints // bottom left man is safe and so observes the sublime

+Raphael, The miraculous drought of fishes

+J.m.w. Turner, Snow Storm …, 1842

– the long title explains the painting, you cannot 100% read the painting // the elements merge into one continuous storm // Turner refers to himself as “the author”

+Kate Fahey, Culmulative loss, 2015

– photomontage multiple photos of the clouds // cloud meaning for annihilated however also meaning euphoria

+Bogdan Vladuta, Block 03, 2011

– overwhelming impression the tower lock impresses// black unreadable bottom

2. Phenomenology Experience

+Peter Lanyon, Wreck, 1963

– large blue panel could be read as the shipwreck,, rest of the painting is difficult to read

+Peter Lanyon, the yellow runner, 1946

-multiple horses in painting. // reminiscent of chalk horses on hills. // Post war painting

+Peter Lanyon, lost mine, 1959 — has a glass counterpart that this is painted from

+Dan Graham, Bisected by a plane, 1995

– where does the landscape begin and end

– complex ways to put people on both sides of the “frame”

– combo of mirrors and glass changes the viewpoint

+Richard Long, Mud painting

+Anish Kapoor, Leviathan, 2011

-huge vynl blobs / you can go inside this changes the view of the Victorian architecture

3. Politics, Economics and Ecology

+Susan Nomi, Havoc, 2007

– grey sludge as a result of mining // “environmental catastrophe ”

+JMW Turner, Slave Ship, 1840

+Dinh Q.le, Vietnam, destination for the new millennium, 2005

-“tourism and therapy” / “expose the lie”

+Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Elcemo, 2002-3

– run down area of Mexico / city a distinct identity / green was selected to blend into the hills/ volunteer system

– worries : making art to make people feel better about themselves/ what if it worked? Does it become a more desirable place to go? Would the rent go up as a result of desirability?

+Michael Landy, creeping buttercup, 2003

-famously destroyed all possessions // weeds growing up in cracks

+Michael Landy, Etchings from nourishment, 2003

– political meaning isn’t the first thing you notice

Tourism – specifics of the place -> somewhere we are not from place and its effect on practice


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