Key Concept Lecture: Site Situation

What is site specific art? From 50’s + 60’s it was pioneered as a decontextualisation of the museum space, formed from many of the contemporary art sub-genres “To change the space”

Site – constituent physical properties

Place- More cultural meanings

Art/Life – Pracrice as am evaluation in the present moment. A correlation between the private and the public

Pshyco-geography – an approach to geography that emphasises the playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments

Architecture – sites change // sites can be sites of conflict, e.g. the Berlin Wall

+Allan Kaprow, Sweet Wall, Berlin 1970

+Marina Abramovich + Ulay, The lowers great wall of china, 1988

+how can you use sites to signify other meanings

+Gordon Matta Clark, Splitting Englewood, 1974 // how can you change an environment

+Stitt, The Big Pinko, 2009 (Sydney)

+BOOK – The Poetics of space, Gaston Bachelard

Social space _ physical or virtual space, such as a social centre

+Hi Red Center, Street cleaning action, 1964

+Mierle Ukeles,Cleaning the city, 1974

+Mierle Ukeles, Social Mirror, 1983

+Gordon Matta Clark, Graffiti truck, 1973

Social interaction/ moveable sites

+Rachel Whiteread, House, 1993

Activism – Use of direct often confrontational actions, e.g. demonstration or strike

+Mel Chin, Revival field, 1990-1

+Bonnie Shirk, Public Lunch, SAN Francisco, 1971

Activism can be a celebration of something

+Andre Stitt, Killing Time, 1998

+Entre Tot, Outdoor texts, Amsterdam, 1980

Territory – a certain area that’s owned or controlled of someone who is a territory

+Vito Acconi, following piece, 1969

+ Paul McCarthy, whipping Pasadena, California, 1974

+ Kerry Trengove, Covent Garden, 1997

Communal Monumental – of or relating to a commune/ community monumental to emphasise the size or extent of something


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