Critical Debate: Venice Biennale and The Pavilion of Colour

Martin Cordiano – (Venice Biennale) Common Places


  • Boxed areas filled with chalk balls, also inside of areas was skirting board to mimic the balls being inside a room
  • “The space between the rooms — BOOK The Yellow Wallpaper
  • The balls felt as if they were replacing the people in the room


Nicholas Garcia Uriburu, Turned the water in venice green

  • Photographs of the piece were displayed in the Venice Biennale
  • The photographs looked like they were of a tourists point of view
  • The group thought the idea could be beautifying the river, however it was actually to make a point about the pollution levels form the up and rising cruise ships/touring boats

Yes Sookyung – Venice

  • Pots and ceramics all held together by gold, similar to the traditional japanese technique/ perfection

Samson Young

  • A comment on charity videos
  • a whispering choir
  • over explained on the venice biennale book and the website

Venice Biennial – Finland (Finish) Pavillion


  • video- cardboard box video
  • The Aatio
  • The egg head and the box head

Malevich Paintings –


Damien Hirst – Freeze


The Pavilion of Colour

Takesada Matsutani, Venice Stream, 2017


Is the pavilion of colour chromophobic?

Dan Miller, Untitled, 2010


Riccardo Guarneri, Contrasti, 2013


Karla Black, Presumption Prevails, 2017


See the book called CHROMOPHOBIA – David Bachelor

Judith Scott, Untitled, 2000


  • these are objects covered up by material all hand made
  • my personal view is that i want to unwrap the artworks and i am curious as to what is inside the artworks



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