Site Situation Introduction

+The importance of site in relation to your work// Self discipline and the “do it yourself mentality”

+Create a series of work based on the site project for easter time

+Key concept lectures are essential to creating site venue work (especially the site lecture)

+Richard Serra, Tiled Arc, 1981

This piece was controversial as it disrupted the flow of pedestrian



+Gordan Matta Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975

Illegally worked on buildings that were about to be demolished, the structural work would’ve been compromised by the holes cut



+Andre Cadere, Round bar of wood, 1972

+Gabriel Orozco, Until you find another Yellow Schwalbe, 1995

Uses the situation to make work then shows the photos in a gallery setting.

+Gabriel Orozco, Home Run, 1995

+David Hammons, Blizz-And Ball Sale, 1983

+Francis Alys, Sometimes making something leads to nothing, 1997



+Daniel Buren, Photo souvenir, 1969

+Rachel Whiteread, House, 1994

Art angel commissions work for sculptures// uses the element of “its not permenant”

+Richard Long, A Line made by walking, 1967

+Sharan Hayes, In the near future, 2005

Deutsche Bank - ArtMag - 51 - feature - Sharon Hayes ...


+Steve Mcqueen, For Queen and Country, 2007

+Jenny Holzer, Untitled (Men don’t protect you anymore),

+Damien Hurst, Freeze, 1991

as the role of curator



+Gordon Matta Clark, Food, 1972



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