Key Concept Lecture: Object

What is an object?

  1. An object is not me
  2. An object is unknowable
  3. I am an object (in a world of objects)

1- An object is not me:

-it resists my will …  Something beyond complete control

David Nash, Cracking Box, 1990


image: cracking-box-1990.jpg

-an object offers relief from the turmoil of desire

Salvador Dali, Sofr construction of Haricot beans: premonition of civil war,1936

2. An object is unknowable

-perception is always partial… we never perceive the whole object

Paolo Uccello, Chalice, c.1430

We never perceive quite the same object as anyone else

Pierre Auguste-Renoir, La Grenov Lettre, 1869

Claude Monet, La Grenouillere, 1869


image: Claude_Monet_La_Grenouillére.jpg

Vija Celamins, To Fix the Image In Memory XII, 1977-82


This piece is something I feel I could use in my future practice as we both start from similar reference points, the fact that sh has created the “perfect replica” inspires me to keep this as my main source of inspiration as there is such a wide range of responses to create. I would not copy this idea, however the idea of creating a cast of the stone and then superimposing the response artwork over the cast may be a nice way to develop my practical work into a more 3d response.

-What would count as a complete knowledge of the object?

-this study is only of the exterior of the object how are we to know if the middle of the objects have been studied to be replicas.

-Phenomenon and Noumenon

Charles Avery, Noumenon, 2008

3. I am an object (in a world of objects)

Caspar David Fredrick, Wanderer above the sea of mist, 1813



the difference between subject and object

Caspar David Fredrich, Lost in the Forest, 1814

Subject – To be in control

Object – To be observed

+ Subject and object are reversible

Therefore I only come to a knowledge of myself through a knowledge of objects

Richard Serra, Spin Out (For Robert Smithson) 1973




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