Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009

“At the outset of this brief you must identify an image, artefact or object (it must be a work of art) from a museum, gallery or private collection”

My choice of artwork for this subject project will be the piece: Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009. This piece is something I have previously seen and shown light interest in and have rediscovered my interest in the work.  After organising a trip to London, see post, I went to revisit the piece again to recollect thoughts and check it was what I could base a year long project on.

I decided that it was the right idea and that I would use the piece as my starting point. The piece by Horn has a few meanings to the piece, the first to stand out is the issue of gender, as the piece is very pink you instantly think of how the piece is feminine, however this is met as an issue by the sheer weight of the piece a masculine element. I appreciate how both issues are approached in the piece. Another element Horn focus’ on in her works is her frequent travels to Iceland, these have informed many of her works and have been happening since the 70’s. (see more on

I have had a few ideas on initial reaction to the piece and have narrowed the ideas down to  three main points:

  1. Create small artist books based on ‘initial responses” alike the Ideas Lab
  2. Categorise Objects
  3. Crystal Making kit// Salt experimentation

Based on this reaction and the beginnings of research into the piece I have started a collection of stones, rocks and others to mark where I have been and what I have done within the day, in a similar way to how Horn is inspired by her trips to Iceland (obviously this is a bit too costly). This collection will inform my current practice and shall develop into my future practice within this project.


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