Group Tutorial 10/10/17

Jess; Grayson Perry, Marriage Shrine, 2017


  • “relic” / offerings through religion / ritualistic / shrine
  • Smaller items are interesting
  • Embroidery based on Victorian tradition – focused on Mum
  • Interesting how non-religious viewpoint influences / Elevates family
  • Anatomical Venus // Wax figures with cavities // similar to the cavities in the Grayson Perry piece
  • Wax figures like the Dali house near Barcelona
  • URS FISHER, Untitled, 2011
  • Performance art // Archiving
  • The placing of objects // Working with performance
  • Wisdom teeth removal // Casting // Quantity
  • Embroidery as a common theme

Toqa; Monet, Charing-Cross Bridge in London, 1902

Charing Cross Bridge, 1902 - Claude Monet -


  • Light and colour/ effects
  • Wants to work with light // hair, eyes, sunsets
  • See DAVID for colour theory
  • Document the sky daily
  • Painting and photography – primary ways of working
  • Possibly work with video // screen-printing to work with colours
  • Colour theory – see impressionists
  • Colour as a sense of movement – experiment with prints on fabric
  • Environmental installation
  • Possibly see artist who work with neon tubing DAN FLAVIN // BRUCE NAUMAN

Noah; Monet, San Giorgio Maggiore by twilight, 1908


  • Experience with paintings / beautiful natural visions
  • Wide colour schemes / rainbow of colours
  • Inks and colours/ experiments
  • Experiment with ‘ramping up’Monet experiment with neon
  • Experiment with cropped version of painting // scale and the act of painting
  • MARK ROTHKO – see vandalism and the repair of the pieces on Tate Modern
  • Colour experiments
  • Mona Lisa and the flasher
  • Possibly work with Lights and scenery

Mike; Damien Hurst, Grecian Nudes, 2013

Three works, each titled Grecian Nude


  • Story of shipwreck in south Africa/ found after many years
  • shows how history effects an object
  • museums want to renovate old works
  • Time and environmental changes / circle of life/ nature
  • Death and Changes
  • Sculptures and paintings – focus on environments and its impact
  • Anti-Colonialism
  • Relate to the grandparents within sculpture / focus on scale
  • Something owned for many years
  • Glass cast objects, Artist??
  • Shop mannequin – take the use away from the object
  • Outside force changing an object / idealistic
  • Effects of war/ dictatorship on grandparents
  • Idealised memories
  • Insecurities and displacement
  • Belonging and belonging to an environment
  • Memories being saved only as positive things ect.
  • Nostalgia

Theodora; Freud, The painters brother, 1985-6


  • not just about the style of portrait / about the artist
  • photography and changes
  • photo a day with a tripod to capture a self portrait
  • Material Project in ‘self portrait’
  • Potentially a diary/ record
  • Not only individual elements are portrait but the whole thing as a portrait
  • “mood diary” moods represent different colours on a map
  • collections, photograph the objects / collage / weekly collage
  • Instagram artist @amaliaulman
  • TEHCHING HSIEH, One-year performance, 1980-1
  • Dark room editing / instead of Photoshop/ possibly both


Rawan; Fuseli, Tiresias Foretells the future to Odysseus, 1804


  • concept of portraying literature // the body and its existence
  • sculpture / painting
  • film maker explores the relationship between mother and child
  • classical painting // colour pallet experiments // scale
  • still features a lot to do with the body and women within painting
  • mythology
  • scenes from own life in style of painting
  • the body as a mass and its physical extension
  • clay / becomes the body – possibly a performance
  • the texture of skin on the clay will always be present
  • JENNY SAVILLE – skin/ perspective/ viewpoint


Alex; Roni Horn, Pink Tons, 2009


  • glass box
  • Himalayan salt – reminiscent of crystals/ gems
  • Goes to Iceland for inspo
  • Questionable gender, 4.5 tons/ Masculine Bright Pink/ Feminine
  • Make own crystals/ glass casting/ bronze casting / catalogue daily elements/ instead of going to Iceland
  • Big box of bags of stuff to recreate
  • Artists boks/ make out of acetate to bring in the transparency/ document mon-fri with soil rock / small or big books?
  • AI WEIWEI, ton of tea// scale
  • Likes the idea of glass outside of functional use
  • Square cube of objects at the tate modern
  • Key concept lecture, artist who clones rocks

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