Collage Making – Boost Week

For booster week I have decided to kick the week off with making a collage the collage could be the base for a larger work, but as of yet it is undecided.

I have been inspired to make this work following a positive experience in regards to a magazine the magazine was printed on low gloss, Demi-matte paper and the colours had such a vibrancy that I found myself more interested in the patterns and photo shoots rather than the content


59EEF166-D89C-47FB-99E8-05BE05FF0CB1 To make the work I decided to make a colour wheel to be the base of all the colours, this way it was easier to make the work as I had a visual on what colours to use and what colours would go better with everything, this was a great idea and will be something that I may use in future practice.


This shows the final collage, this took a while to make and features circles of the magazine that inspired me, in my mind this looked a lot more vivid and had turned out a little foggy in practice, so I made a second smaller collage just to see what the piece would look like with a layer of shiny placstic over the top. This was not as successful and I am glad this was done to a maquette and not the original piece.



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