Professional Development Lecture:: Gweni Llwyd

Gweni Llwyd, Carlota Nóbrega, Fuzzy Bunny, 2018





Postgradute in wales // won a scholarship in wales // 

Looked at collating visual clips into physical objects, work is still being made following this path // 

Self employment // portfolio career // career as an artist vs career in the arts // 

First stared buy applying for ‘art jobs’ and not as an artist // worked as a festival directior in the arts department // how working in the arts is different to being an artist // 

Portfolio Career :: lots of different jobs and picking up skills on the way // need to consider money and where the practice time will be made // ‘self employment’ 

Postgrad life:: (Whilst working) :: Made work in spit and sawdust and also for rat trap. // celebrating what was made and not the art // Jennifer Taylor performance artists invited and paid to perform

Rat trap studios:: response to expensive studios in cardiff // old house that is unused converted into studio space (THE NEED TO FIND SOMEWHERE TO WORK) 

ABF fellowship “Residency program” you get given 9000 living 600 material cost and 200 travel grant + studio space to work in

Work without a marking criteria – Liberating experience// motivation post uni is difficult – lack of goal means work process has no deadlines //  ((550 with travel expenses and accommodation )) Venice biennale 

Exhibition in g39 // sightseers (invigilator work)


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