London Visit: Jasper Johns

On the 25/10/17 we went on a London trip to visit the Royal Academy to see the Jasper Johns exhibiton. The show featured works from his early days and also from his more recent years. The show was rather interesting and I have been interested in the mediums he had used, mainly the encaustic.

This piece, Painting with two balls, was one of my favourite pieces at the show, this is because of the colour and because of th es3eparation within the canvas.




This is also another favourite from the show as this was enticing because of the light bulb, i enjoy looking at art with lights involved.



This piece was very inspiring for me as this is a similar piece to what I hope to create for my subject work2564F2A0-2624-4939-80A5-9F55A71AF3A9

“Painting with two balls 1960
Painting with two balls 1971
Field painting 1963-64
Between the clock and the bed 1988

Artists books:::
Fizzles Samuel Becket
Etchings Jasper Johns
Foirades/ Fizzles 1976-2017


Fiorades samuel Becket
Gravure Jasper Johns” — Notes from the trip


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