Andre Stitt – Studio Visit

To enable learning about the studio and the value a studio space is worth we visited Andre Stitt’s studio to reinforce  the value of  a studio.

To own a studio you must be disciplined to save money to make art, at this point in an art career it is valuable to take note of studios available at home and places to develop to become the studio. – This gives me motivation to save now, as I have come to realise that once the Uni studios are unavailable I will no longer have somewhere to save my artwork, keep my materials and create my work. Also from the learning in the key concept lecture about studios I am realising how important it is to an artist to have a high quality workspace.

“Making art isn’t free, its a job like any other”

How do you price art? “Provenance” How much Exposure, Where the exposure is (e.g. what galleries the work has previously been featured in. Is it commercial art or institutional art, Who had owned the art previously? Value is added to the art by showing in various locations.

Ten Gallery Visit

Gallery started as empty shops in various locations. Arcades in Cardiff were the main ‘pop-up’ galleries. After they moved to a permentat shop location, then after the four year lease was up they were uncertain if another four year lease was a good idea. Then the idea of a ‘House Gallery’ came into play, this then seemed the best way to progress. Now they go to ‘events’ and creates events, museum tours and studio tours. Collaboration and offsite shows were created unlike when they had the main shop space, this enables them to be more free to move around. The idea of the house gallery has lost a few members of the original audience, however opens new doors as well. They have a website and a instagram and this is the best way for the online presence to be made. The website has a magazine section and also has a private password protected area for the main private members to feel more appreciated and allowes them the first ‘dibs’ on the artworks on sale, like a private view.

+You can buy artworks on a payment plan, from the Welsh Artist council.

interest free over 12 months to pay for living contemporary artists £5000 maximum.





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