Thomas Martin – Printmaker

Thomas Martin is a very skillfull printmaker, when I am in the print studio I always take some time to look at the collection of prints in the room and would say that I do take a fair ammount of inspiration from these prints. However sometimes the work does take a new turn. When in the etching workshop at the begining of the year it was interesting to spend time making prints with Tom as the methods in which he works is very methodical, and precise. This is a skill that I have attempted to make more promenant in my practice, as I am more often than not a bit clumsy. However, I would say that my workings so far this year have been the most neat in regards to final pieces.

Thomas Martin, Red Orbit III, Hand printed Lithograph, Edition of 50
Thomas Martin, Red Orbit I, Hand printed lithograph, edition of 10
Thomas Martin, Orbital 3, Unique Screen Print
Thomas Martin, Orbital 1, Unique Screen-print
Thomas Martin, Disc Box, A collection of 20 screen prints


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