Small Watercolours

After making the series of location sketches I have decided to make an additional series of watercolour developments, these are … More

Location Sketches

After deciding to make a collection of sketches inspired by separate locations, in a similar way to my small etchings … More

Dublin Visit

From the 21st to the 23rd I visited Dublin and over the course of the visit took some photographs to … More

Board Paintings

After a failed attempt at making a painting on a canvas after taking inspiration from some feedback from Andre Stitt, … More

ADZ6888 Assessment

Post 1: Artist Statement  Post 2: Degree Show Proposal – Post 3: a post explaining the decisions made so far … More

Artist Statement

My practice follows the development of day to day experiences and develops them into abstract pieces that will capture the … More

Publicity of Work

My work is being documented in a majority case by my instagram handle @abrowning258, through this blog and also via … More

Curation and Exhibition

A post explaining the decisions made so far towards selecting the work and curating the exhibition. This post will include … More

Group Critique

Group Critique was based on a collection of small square drawings, inspired by travel and also a wooden board painting … More