Developing Professional Website

This is the cover page for my website, I havee decided to use a portfolio based theme for my page and have my artwork as the first thing to see when accessing the page. I have decided to do this as it showcases what I am makinging insantly. For the website I have decided to use a combtiation of scans and photography, however post catalogue designs I now know what format image to use and will only publish high quality images on my page.

I have decided to add a list of all the exhibitions I have featured in whilst at Cardiff Matropolitan, so that the works I have displayed so far can be accessed by anyone who views my page, and so it also forms the begining of a portfolio for myself and others to see.

The idea of putting my exhibitions on my website was brought to mind when looking at many other professional artsits websites. I am still not fantastic at wordpress as there seems to be many functions that I am not fully familiar with, however I do feel that the website I have made so far seems to be professional and sleek looking.

My website follows a similar format to my instagram page and my facebook page so there is a harmony between my pages, there are also links to both these social media pages on the website, I have decided to hold fire on fully developing a website as I would like some time to develop these skills, as blogging for university has taken a priority this is a task I will save for the summer.


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