Degree Show Build

Degree Show Floor Plan

The above image shows the degree show floor plan and also shows how the show will initially look, when I checked my space there was a large ammount of screws in the wall and a fair ammount of work looks like it needed to be resolved

After assessing my space I decided to help Kirsty with her space, this was because Kirsty has decided to make an independant dark space to use as a development room. This took up the whole of one day, however was necessary.

Then, after the first years had helped out I went to paint and prepare my own space. The space was more suited to my work ideas and also will allow for a smarter presentation of my work. After noticing that the bottom of one of the walls was very high from the ground James built a skirting board to address this issue. Then I painted a slick coat of paint over the skirting board and the gum strip, I also made sure to cover any marks on my wall as I wanted a smooth application the next day.

After this was all dry I did one final coat with the roller to ensure the space was as neat as possible, all before the next stage of hanging the work.


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