Cardiff Museum – Leonardo Da Vinci and David Nash

Leonardo Da Vinci, A Life in Drawing Exhbition

Leonardo Da Vinci, Following a visit to the Bristol Leonard Da Vinci exhibition we had a half price entry to the gallery, so we decided to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci and David Nash exhibitions at the same time. As we were not allwed to take photos, as to preserve the collection, I have found a selection of images I remembered and inserted digital versions. This exhibition was very interesting as you get the see the workings of a classic, incredible artist. And the exhibition just shows the vast skills Da Vinci had, with only approximately 12 pieces of work per show.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Insides of a woman
Leonardo da Vinci, A Standing Male Nude, c.1504-6 RCIN 912596, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018
Leonardo da Vinci, A  Deluge, c.1517-18 RCIN 912380, Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018

David Nash, Sculprure through the seasons

In this exhibition there was a wide range of pieces in a varity of scales and mediums. There was two that really caught my eye and made me take photographs.

David Nash, Cork Spire, 2012

This piece had a very promenant smell and was very large in scale, this was one of the pieces that stood out th emost to me nad the overall structure was something that i felt was notable. There was also a second smaller sculpture on the corner of the room behind the wortks however thos one was less impressive and I did not enjoy it as much.

David Nash, Oak Leaves, 2019

This piece by David Nash was opposite end of the room to Cork Spire. The colours of the piece was so outstanding that it really drew my attention. The colour of the piece was made from the pigment of the changing oak leves in the seasons. This again was a concept I enjoyed, and leads this to be my favourite piece from the exhibition.


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