Artist Statement

My practice is inspired by the  experience of being immersed in a location. The artwork is created in a combination of on-site and off-site methods, for example the use of a travel journal has enabled quick sketches to be made at any location and then  combined with photography to create  artworks. The majority of artworks made have been sketches and prints, most of which have been mounted or further worked to create other works. The concept of mounting the prints has emerged from research in to archiving and presentation methods. As a long-running theme of my practice most of the works have been made using methods of organisation and theories of tangibility, having interaction within a piece has always been an element I have been interested in and has been pushed further within this piece. 

     The themes running through my works  are influenced by Dieter Roth and the aspect of archival and collections and Foster Spragge and the idea of mapping a location and making works from the experience of a city. These artists have allowed my work to develop  and have influenced my past work. 


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