Foster Spragge

After some time speaking with Tom Martin he suggested looking into the artist Foster Spragge, this was due to a shared interest in location based drawing and interest in printmaking and drawings. 

Spragge has most works documented on their website and shows many different ways of working. 

“The initial Drawings are filled with an explorative range of marks to represent foot steps. For every step during the walk a pencil mark is made. Each time the path turns the paper is turned the same way. The decision whether to turn left or right is dictated by the flow of people, traffic lights or some random event.” Spragge  

The works made by Spragge are not quite what I imagined when I was being explained through them, however I have found joy in the design and the styling of the artwork.

This is one of the works in the walking drawings that really interest me and I feel like this more active way of making the work on site is something I would really like to spend more time working with, I have invested in a moleskin to take travelling with me and will use this to possibly make works out and about 

Th influence that Spragge has held on me is that it is possible to make art in public, since discovering the works I have been more active in making works in public, this could also be inspired post Emily Hartless expericence also as there was an element of which she prompted our drawing outside, and also interacted with the public when the asked questions, something that would make it more easy to complete would be the assistance of a group, as solo drawing is more strange to the public.

“Drawing Dialogues on the London Loop”

As the Crow Flies:: A project in conjunction with Tickbird&RhinoSome words by Geoff Nicholson, the writer of The Lost Art of Walking

As the crow flies, Foster Spragge

Writing about this piece::

Colab with:

Another link I have in with Spragges work is that I have spent a while looking at making work that links into to psychogeogaphical topics and cartography. I have a piece called 1302 Steps, a drawing in which every step I make is a mark on the movements all link in together and create the piece. Another direction of my practice that would also be in a similar context would be the drawing machchines of which I dedicated a project to, this alternatice way of mapping is similar to Spragge and the ideas and methods used in their practice make me want to revisit this project and rework my own works.

Other Inspirational Workings::

Foster Spragge, Housing the Drawing

I enjoy how this work shows a series of envelops, the idea of archival and putting works into envelopes makes me feel the methods of which I store my materials found in certain locations could be made into a piece, this idea of archival is a common theme in my practice and I feel that this is a potential idea that could be explored in the works. There could be also a room to put the addresses of the gathered material and create a further meaning into my works.


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