Home Screen Printing Kit

As part of developing a practice I can maintain I have purchased a screen printing kit that I have a full set of materials to be able to continue the practice at home in my home studio. This method of screen printing creates different results to the original method I learned as the lines are a bit more chunky, this proves for interesting results, and could just be an issue that can be resolved with more practice.

Below shows the results of the screen prints on the home screen and also shows the second screen I have for printing block patterns, this is because this is a wider mesh and so is more difficult to develop on. In the future it may be worth making my own screens in a similar method to this one as it is made in a similar way to handmade canvas’.

After this experience I have decided that it may not be in the best interest to continue this method as my final method of printmaking in this project, however I may be able to use these screens to expose in the normal method at uni.


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