Dissemination Of Work


As part of actively trying to make my artwork and practice more popular, and to gain an online presence I have decided to start an artist instagram account, it is useful to doument current works and the development of the works. The buissness account allows the use of promotiong posts and creating sponsored content. But also allows for the abilty of hastagging which means your posts will come up to the relevant followers. Instagram is a free method of gaining followers and broadening my audience, and is the perfect platform for a developing artist.

For example, my work was featured on the Cardiff MADE instagram account, of which brought me over 20 new followers from the Cardiff and surrounding areas, this ideal for a starting point in my practice.


My website is part of my artist branding and features only photographs of finished works of art, I list on this site the fineshed pieces of work, with high quality photographs and scans and list all teh elements of the works also. Having an artist website is perfect to be able to show a digital porfolio of my works, and is quick to access and enables works to be viewed by anyone interested in my practice. The website still has options left open for me, while currently working on a free site, I do have the options to purchase the domain name and keep the site as my professional site for teh rest of my artistic carrer. The site, Instagram and my artist’s email address all have the same prefix for their handles and so makes it easy for people to find my accounts.

Emily Hartless – Book contribution

I was offered the oppertunity to create a collaborative piece of art with the artist and art historian Emily Hartless. My sketches from our works together have since features in her publication of “Dissecting the City” and the experience has enabled me to understand more about collaborative works and has also informed a new section of my own personal practice. My name has been published in this document and has lead to new oppertunities from the RCA where Hartless studdies, such as future collaborative works.


As the first of my external gallery shows Cardiff MADE was the perfect event to start with. The experince of hanging my works in a proffesional space was incredible to experience and also allowed me to mix and mingle with artists and pottential buyers in the art market. Not to mention now having a connection to other local artists in the area. Cardiff MADE also shared my work on their social media and allowed for my work to reach a wider audience, overall this experience was very influential on my practice.

Art Auction:

The affordable art auction was very useful to have be a part of, the auction was the first time that my work has been displayed in this way and also was one of the first times that I have been to an event like this. By putting my artwork on the show it was the first time my name as an artist had been involved with a situation like this. And also goes as credit towards the exhibiton in G39. This was a very interesting event to take part in and has made me more interested in participating in more events like this, such as open calls for artists and other open exhibitions.

Photos for degree show catalogue

The degree show catalogue was privately organised by students on the fine art degree, by participating in this group activity we all put an ammount of money into a fund so that we could organise personally designed and made books to display in the degree show. Being involved in this experience made me more aware of printing prices and also made me more aware into the format in which photos for printing were needed to be. Also I have submitted all my details to be published so that anyone who looks at the works can access my contacts. I think this will be benificial for my practice as it widens my audience.

Buissness cards

This is the design I have made for my business cards, I have decided to keep it clear and easy to read and have also used an image of which doesnt fit into my final piece this is to maximise the ammount of content people see at the degree show, but is also because I know that the quality of this image is the appropriate file format for printing. By making buissness cards I can maximise my audience and also take them to events and use them to build a contact list for my future.

Plain Arts

Plain Arts is a membership based group that features exclusively in the region of which I currently live, this will enable me access to the show and news bulitins that are relevant in my local areas. By becoming a member I have the ability to submit my work for significantly more shows and can also become a more professional artist. Plain arts is a similar organisation to Artist Newsletter but more exclusively focused on my home town.

Application for CSAD Shop

I have submitted an application to join the CSAD Shop, this is the best way into recuperating funds from the degree show but is also a fantastic way to get my name out there. Into the works I will be submitting I will include all my contacts and links, this way it will create a raport with the customer and can possibly lead to future sales. If this application is accepted it will lead to the first oppertunity to sell my work in a non-gallery setting.

Organisation of Art Swap within the fine art year group

There has been talk of the organisation of a potential art swap, this is something that I would like to participate in and could be benificial to the future of my practice, the more people my prints get out to means the more people that will see the artworks. I would also like to look into organising an inter-discipline art swap to enable different practices into my collection and as my audience.


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