Location Sketches

After deciding to make a collection of sketches inspired by separate locations, in a similar way to my small etchings and mini sketches, I have decided to create some pencil sketches linked to my sketchbook pages and photographs.

These small sketches show a reflection of my experience in the location, I feel like they work as they carture an essence of the location and the livelyness of the places I have visited, however I also feel that the simplicity of the sketches make them easy to read as a location without being to overfilled with content. I enjoy working in this fluid style as I feel it is a direct comparison to how I visualise the loactions both whilst on site and also as a memory. The photographs next to the sketches also allows for a good comaprison to be made, and enables me to take note of what I would like to add and what is not necesary in the sketch.


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