Board Paintings

After a failed attempt at making a painting on a canvas after taking inspiration from some feedback from Andre Stitt, I decided to make some pieces that were inspired by some of the loaction sketches and develop them into paintings. I decided to make the paintings on boards as they are a stable surface, yet they need minimal preperation. This gave me more freedom than the canvas and the smaller size made the whole experience easier for experimantation.

First Attempt:

You can see in the photos above that there is an element of planning in the board painting, and that I am experimenting with masking and textures as I used a sponge to make the grey section of the painting, this added dimension to the board, which is something I have not really worked with in my practice before.

As I had not really worked with colour before I felt this was a good place to stop working on this piece this was because I felt it captured a similar essence as the sketch and photograph

The next few boards I worked on I slowly added more and more colour to.

Here you can see that on the Milbank painting I introduced one more colour, the same style as in the watercolour painting I made. Then in the board painting of Plasnewydd you can see the introduction of more colour in the painting. I feel this is the point where the boards are less sucessful, Milbank and Fiume Tevere and their use of one colour is a succesful design choice, however Plasnewydd is too busy and over crowded. This was useful in turn as it has given me an insigt into what works in one medium and how it doesn’t always cross medium very well sometimes.

I also attempted a painting from Rome however this did not work either.

Overall I have enjoyed making paintings on mdf board however I am not too sure if this is a method of making work I would like to progress on for my final piece for the year. This is because in comaprison to some of my other works these pieces need much more developing in skill to be sucessful and I do not think I will be able to acheive a satisfying end of year piece of work.


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