Curation and Exhibition

A post explaining the decisions made so far towards selecting the work and curating the exhibition. This post will include contextual references (For example, exhibitions that influenced the curation/presentation of your degree exhibition, research on technical aspects, other relavant research)

-Cabinet of Curiosities

also known as Wunderkammer. The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto has made works in reference to the idea of a cabinet of curiosities. The works Sugimoto creates are inspired by the practice of Marcel Duchamp. The idea of a cabinet of curuisities is interesting to me as I have always enjoyed the idea of archival I also enjoy the idea of making a themed ‘cabinet’ that I could fill with a collection of objects. If I was to make a cabinet inspired by my current works I already have a

-Tom Martins Cabinet

-David Hockney book with Gloves to view

-Southbank Watercolour Gallery

-Viewing mounted prints in an archival way

My work is currently available to view online vie this blog and alongside the instagram handle @abrowning258

There is also an up and coming exhibition in Cardiff MADE from the 25th March 2019 – 6th April 2019, my work will also feature in the exhibition and will be the first external show I will have featured in.


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