Albert Irvin – RWA

The artworks mentioned here are from the Bristol RWA – Albert Irvin show

Albert Irvin has inspired and informed my recent practice as the works created are so colourful, abstract and related to location. I feel as if the works created by Irvin have led to an inspiration to involve colour into my prints and re-work my sketches into more colourful, less monotone pieces.

Top: Albert Irvin, Octavia, 1992, Screenprint, edition size 225
Bottom: Albert Irvin, Grenwich III, 1991, Screenprint, edition size 90

Out of the whole exhibition these are the two pieces by Irvin that grabbed my attention the most. The use of such free movement whist still being the perfrect process of screen printing has led me to be more hands on with the way i design my prints and screen images. I initally wanted all my lines to be sharp and precise, however after seeing how Irvin made prints I can see much more potential in the area.


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