Group Critique

Group Critique was based on a collection of small square drawings, inspired by travel and also a wooden board painting

Critique on 5th March 2019

  • Abstraction – Project into it // off putting about abstraction // related to our position in the world
  • Painting relates to elements we recognise (groups opinion)
  • Experience of something represented in the world
  • the idea was mentioned of “Embodied Experience” // see the ideas of french philosopher Merlot Ponte – Ideas of no separation – we are all part of the landscape
  • a profound phenomenological experience
  • the work is like a memory – not completely representational – like de ja vu // distant memory
  • the small drawings are like a process to an outcome – it is not necessary to see all the other elements in relation to the painting

These are the notes attained from the group critique via a voice recording, the notes will allow me to develop my ideas further in response to others opinion of the work. The particular element that I am interested to research further is the french philosopher and the idea of an abstract painting being a memory, or something that can be projected into.


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