Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt inspires me with the use of printmaking, this method of Lithograph is something I have not used before, however it is the use of mark making that inspires me to make more work, also the idea of the light tonal work is somehting that I could possibly be developed in my own work.

Sol LeWitt, [no title], 1971, Lithograph on paper
Sol LeWitt, [no title], 1971, Lithograph on paper

I also enjoy how the majority of the prints are in a square format, I enjoy these as it makes the eye focus on the piece as a whole, instead of reading the work like you would a landscape. This idea of a square format is something that I feel is more important in the work and is something I will probably use within my works.

Sol LeWitt,[no title], 1971, Lithograph on paper

This is the style work I would normally have associated with Sol LeWitt, so when I discovered the prints I was very excited by the works. Although I was interested in the colour and the use of painting and also wanted to focus on printmaking.

Sol LeWitt, Arcs and Bands in Color E, 1999

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