To gain some idea of what colours to use and also to gain an idea of how my work would fit into a printmaker inspired list of artist I have taken some time to see how a select few printmakers work are styled. The artists I have chosen to look at here are all in a square or similar format and I feel I can draw comparisons from these works and also can see myself gaining influece from the composition and use of colour and shape placement. In my prints from the past I have predominantly been uning monochrome methods and feel my prints could really benifit from some colour.

Joe Tilson::

Joe Tilson, Six Small Prints, 1965

I enjoy the idea of the separate borders between the prints and the square format of each section, even though the overall piece is not a square when finished.

Joe Tilson, Geometry?, 1965

Sarah Morris::

Sarah Morris, Dulles [Capital], 2001
Sarah Morris, Department of Water and Power, 2004

Michael Morris::

Michael Morris, Screen Test, 1967

Timothy Drever::

Timothy Drever, Untitled, 1969

The idea of block shapes in this print inspires me to possibly print coloured backgrounds or shapes when in the print studio as there could be a possibility to make the use of colour using prints over the top of my existing works.


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