Isle of Brimsker – Frozen Light Productions

The Isle of Brimsker — Frozen Light Productions

Multi-Sensory Production

The Isle of Brimsker is a very intimate production, with room for only a few viewers and interaction between audience and actors.

While in your own immersive pods you are invited into a comfortable setting with a soother to relax into, whilst listening to some soothing guitar from Al Watts as Ivor.

When entering the studio, you are welcomed by a very natural set, with a rockpool and a large wall behind. The set looks very earthly and is comprised of natural colours. The audience is sat in a semi-circle around the stage to create a small performance area.

The story begins with an introduction into the Island and a friendly introduction to the cast, Lucy Garland as Agata and Sophie Coward as Kaya. There was a mixture of talking and sign language to create an understanding of the dialogue through the performance.

Then, with relevance to the certain parts for the performance there was a mixed variety of multi-sensory elements to interact with, such as calming lights on a small personal screen, an imaginatively places mini-projector and bowl of shells and stones that allowed a touch and smelling activity and a mixture of water and air to recreate the idea of being in a storm. The elements that allowed the audience to interact were really engaging and allowed every member of the audience to have intimate experience of the performance.

Alongside the multi-sensory element s of the production there was a brilliant storyline to go along the performance which addressed the important elements of belonging and friendships, a very tough story to portray in the hour-long story and setting.

Overall this was a very fantastic production that engaged the entire audience, every member of the audience had clearly enjoyed the production, and all were a significant part of the production too. Frozen Light productions have a fantastic level of care within their productions and create a safe and enjoyable environment for all the audience, this would be a highly recommended show to see, especially to audience members that benefit from alternative sensory elements.


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