Es George – Professional Development

Live applications for next year

Masters:: Degree Grades // Practice history // portfolio // research into specifis e.g for diss subject questions

Has a structured application based on points // 4000 characters (UCAS) never write substantally less

Personal Statement: structure is important introduce yourself //Suitable for the course evidence // from degree, echibitions be relevant to the course // ideas on what you want to explore // evidence on thorough research into uni

Site Specific Events:: Possible location contacts, cost requirements, funding, change diss proposal, risk assessment, time scale // proposal itself / budgeting/ timescale/ practicalities // structure, research generally, specifically // clear insight into objectives get correct dialogue text

Residency:: Motivational letter, good research into uni, research into subjects, give them something back, general skills, read ALL of what they want

Design:: To apply, art degree, skills, demonstrate skills in portfolio, visual evidence – portfolio, bring elements of degree onto application

Gallery:: What work is about, contemporary vs traditional, networking, portfolio, comissioned?, what work is currently in the gallery, proposal thorough yet consice, cost + sale price / pre determine

Community Art Tutor:: Responsibilities, person specification- mark you based on what you put down, intention on interest to learn, poss application form or letter or cv, go with eviedence

Marketing Assisting:: v. general, lot more applications, how to stand out?, how to really stand out, dont let the desirable skills bring you down “i would be interested to learn”

Gallery Intern:: give past experiences, general interest in art, list skills, be careful of just listing skills, give diversity of evidence, , possibly go away and get further information about the gallery

Can already apply to these jobs not in readiness for the future, get ideas in mind in advanced


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