Blue – Chippy Lane Productions

On behalf of the company Fairy Powered Productions I have been reviewing some chosen performance art pieces.

My reviews have been posted on the website and contribute to some of the company’s writings. See the review below and a link to the webpage attached.

Blue Review, Chapter, Cardiff – until 16 February 2019

Chippy Lane Productions present Blue in a world premier starting in Cardiff’s Chapter Gallery, a setting close to home, Carmarthenshire.

Upon arrival you are invited into an intimate setting, the set with a traditional homely feel has all the qualities of a traditional lounge-diner, with the addition of a lovely, blue, door. The lighting further added to the experience with a intimate array of lamps and lights, all glowing with a traditional yellow-lighting. A rather soothing setting, accompanied by some tranquil sounds of birds and other elements of the outside.

The show consisted of a 90 minute running time with no intermission, which leads to a very intimate experience of the production, allowing you to form a close bond to the cast with no influence from any other audience member. The cast is comprised of only four actors, Nia Roberts, Sophie Melville, Jordan Bernarde, Gwydion Rhys, all of whom you feel an intimate relationship to through whole performance. In particular Nia Roberts in the role of Lisa, who really excels in her performance and by the end of the production had to wipe the heartfelt tears from her face.

A particular favorite scene would be between the two male characters, Jordan Bernarde as Thomas and Qwydion Rhys as Huw, .This was a very intimate moment in which the two men discuss some very heartfelt topics. This scene provided a turning point from the production being relatable yet funny and happily intimate, to being relatable on a much more emotional level.

As the production is set on the coast of South Wales there are some elements that may leave viewers from other locations a little confused, such as some jokes about inter-city rivalry and mentions of specific locations in the welsh language. However, this is not too largely influenced by this and is still very effortless to follow.

Wether a Welsh local or a London Viewer the production of Blue is a brilliant show to watch, and allows the audience to express some important more troubling issues.

Alexandra Browning


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