Rome 5/2/19


Whilst in the Macro gallery there was a large ammount of work on display in one room, in the room there was a large wall with 60 pieces on, then on another wall was 14 pieces of work, and a few installations in the room. The room interested me the most as it had a wall of work dedicated to location and cartography. There was a lot of focus on the idea of location and specifics in this room. This drew me in as my practice is about travelling and capturing the moments in the piece. Alongside the pieces of work focusing on location there was also an installation, this installation was made of tubes suspended from the ceiling and features a canvas cover on the floor to relax on

National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery was my favourite gallery in terms of exterior and interior, the works on display were easier to navigate and they were more like the works on display in the galleries at home. The pieces that intrigued me the most were the works above photographed, this is because to e certain extent i have experienced these works before. The first work is of an artist i studied in my time doing a foundation and I made works in response to this piece. The second by Marcel Duchamp confused me as i was sure I had seen before. Then the final piece was a piece that I studied in the second year as part of a resoponse piece. I enjoyed this piece as I had never seen it in person before. Also because the artist made other works, such as canned artist shit.


Maxxi, the final gallery we visited was a more contemporary of locations, on The outskirts of Rome this was more difficult to get to yet held a wide variety of different works. The pieces I have selected are all very much so in contrast to the other pieces I had looked at through the day and so I was more interested in these, however I am less likely to look into these works as part of my practice.


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