Rome 7th Feb

Here are a few photos from galleries of which I felt were important artworks, this is wither because of the skill, medium or just general appreciation for thh artwork


Top::Franz West, Sinnlos, 2008
Bottom:: Franz West, Velazquez (Liege), 1989
Franz West, Untitled, 1989
Franz West, Nippes, 2005
Franz West, Kotznik, 2011

Galleria d’arte Moderna::

Camillo Innocenti, La Sultana, 1913, Oil on Canvas
Antonio Donghi, Donna alla Toeletta, 1930, Oil on Canvas
Fausto Pirandello, Bagnanti Nella Rifrazione, 1959, Oil on Cardboard
Sissi and Riccardo Abate, Photograph of the performance in the “T”, 2003, Photographic print on alluminium

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