Exhibition Proposal

Exhibition Proposal for Alexandra Browning


My final exhibition will include a selection of prints that I have made this year, with the underlying theme of distortion from reality. This includes a large collection of prints inspired by the many visits that I have made abroad. The title of my exhibition will be ‘Distortion’ and will be a series of prints inspired by the idea of a distorted reality and the embodied experience of a location.

I will use a mixture of Mountboard and MDF to frame and mount my prints. I will like my exhibition to include a variety of mounted prints in a commercial style to mimic the likes of prints in galleries for sale and allow interation with viewers. The exhibition is intended to look like a professional space that is a display for my works, in a similar way to the setting of a cafe gallery, for example Cardiff MADE is the perfect inspiration point. I want the piece to be an interactice piece that the viewers can re-organise and re-arrange the pieces on the shelfs. I picture the space being fairly open and somewhere that viewers can walk past and, hopefully, engage with. I would like the walls to be white and a shelf to place prints on to be a part of the wall so that it does not take away from the piece, the shelf should also be painted white.

I estimate the individual prints will take a week, on average, to prepare 2-3 screens and print relays. The idea of this is to create a multitude of print variations of each design and then pair off the most successful prints for mounting on MDF and the remaining to be printed for mountboard. The installation and mounting of these works should take approximately three days, one for wall painting and preperation, one for organising prints and deciding where to hang them, and the final day for hanging and semi-permenant fixing of the works, for example, spirit level and command strips to enable nothing falls down and also stays in the right position.

Technical Experience:

I will need assistance on making and hanging a shelf as this is something I have never prepared before. I will also need help with hanging the prints as I do not know how to make sure these are proffesional and at the correct hights and distances, I have never had a wood workshop induction so I will need help and assistance with any jobs that will be involved with the build.

The Space:

I would prefer to have an open plan space that also is easy for people to walk past and interact with, ideally the space will be bright and breazy.

Equipment Required:

Shelf Materials, Screws


MDF : £40-50

Printmaking Supplies: £50-£60

Mounting Materials: (Up To) £20

Total= £130 (approximately)


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