Degree Show Proposal

For the degree show I want to create a piece involving a combination of framed prints and filing cabinet style cabinets. To do this I will have to go to the wood workshop do an induction and possibly create two prototypes before making the final version, my intention is to make three cabinets, they will hold prints from three separate series of prints, Spain, Italy and Wales. My intention is to make a large series of prints in relation to each of the featured countries, this will be made using the method of etching, and possibly screen printing and lino. The prints will be made on Fabriano paper and will, possibly, be put into protective casing like in a gallery, or library. 

The costing for this will need to cover the use of: wood, paint, etching plates (zinc), lino, fabriano paper, frames, mountboard and method of protection. 

The work will need to be hung on a wall space, meaning three points will need to be able to be nailed/ screwed into. I will need a rather large wall space for this. In addition I will need to have space around the piece for viewers to interact with the cupboards. There will be no use of any dangerous materials, and the piece will not be difficult or dangerous to any members of the public. The piece shall be relatively easy to install and remove and will not need any major assistance in fixing. 

In the lead up to the show I will most likely need to have a storage space for the cabinets, and may also need to have a space to paint the cupboards into a white, gallery style, fixture. 

Alexandra Browning 

29th January 2019


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