Frank Stella

Frank Stellas prints have proved to be inspiring in previous years I have looked at his more bocky works, however recently I have been inspired by his prints with intircate detailing. I enjoy how the works have the fine lines and mixed use of colour. This is something that I would love to make more prmenant in my work and would also love to see how they are made.

Frank Stella, Feneralia, 1995, Colour stencil, lithograph, etching, aquatint, relief, collagraph
Frank Stella, Juam, 1997, Relief, etching, aquatint, lithograph, screenprint, woodcut and engraving on paper
Frank Stella,Stranz, 1999, Screenprint on paper

This final print is the most inspiring to me as it is made by screen printing on paper, thes method is a skill I have and know how to make, yet a work like this is not somehting I would ever have dreamed up. The ourcome of the collaging of the screen print is interesting and I would love to introduce this into my own works.


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