Artist Statement

     My practice follows the development of day to day experiences and develops them into abstract pieces that will capture the memory. This is a way of working I have used as long as I can remember and has gradually moved into a way of making art. 

     Typically I would work on site or from photographs taken on site of the selected location, this is because sometimes it is inappropriate to make work in the moment. My work tends to be more abstract landscapes, but has recently been moving into a cross between landscape and still life works.  The works I have been making have been created in many different ways, using travel journals, scraps to doodle and also photographs and digital drawings, these have all crossed paths to create the works I am interested in.

     The meaning I am looking to portray in my works is that of what I feel my experience of an object or location is, this sometimes may be rushed or after a long period of reflection, however there is a coherent line of stye running through my practice. I am interested in an ’embodied experience’ of an object or location and want to use my art to explain further my experience, whilst working alongside Emily Hartless I found a was to quickly note a location whilst also photographing and developing more works form the experience. 

    My methods of working are some that I have been using for most of my life, I have always made travel journal style books and documents since a young age and wanted to work this format into my practice, and so I have been using a travel journal in my backpack to be able to note important things whenever needed. For example I have been keeping track of my “Travel Journal” in various posts and have also been making works that extend from these pages.


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