Development in prints

Following a good day making drawings for Emily Hartless I took my drawings home and developed a few artworks, the first thing I created was this drawing of one of the streets from earlier and developed some colour into it so add something new to it, the colours were colours I felt were important during the drawing 

Then when I saw how these small colourful shapes looked like, I felt like adding a similar thing to some of the prints I had created before, the outcome was really successful and I have enjoyed the way it has made them look. 

I also feel as if I can progress this idea with the use of screen printing and also with drawing and also collaging the prints into one big piece, I also feel the colours on their own may make an interesting piece to look at. 

Gerhard Richter has created work that I feel I am influenced by, the series Firenze makes me feel intrigued, this is because he is working over photographes and manipulates then into new works, this is a way I feel I could work my prints. Richter used bright vivid colours which is something I have not experimented with yet 

Firenze (54/99)
200012 cm x 12 cm
Oil on colour photograph

These works here are an attempt at using watercolour over print, however I didn’t enjoy the way these turned out, this was my first attempt at working over the prints 



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