Emily Hartless – Experiment

Emily Hartless has been working alongside Hester Buck to create a project that is working with the Savils report, completing London’s streets this report was given to us as a brief and was the basis of our work.

We were presented a booklet with some of the work by Emily Hartless from the past and were also shown a small PowerPoint that described the work in detail. The works were initially made in a response to the document, and how if you were from any other background other that real estate the document meant nothing. Hartless picked up on how some of the diagrams in the document reflected on the work, and also mentioned how she had moved away from London into a smaller community. 

Hartless took us on a 2-3hour trip of Cardiff that allowed us the time to create some site specific drawings and have a reaction in a group to the location, the fact that we were all placed together meant that we were more able to be creative as it was a group experience. I also felt as if I could develop my own practice into the situation and so have created works that are useful. 



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